Policy change is one major way we can make a difference in the lives of people living with mental health conditions and their families. NAMI’s legislative and public policy priority is to support Americans affected by mental illness’ opportunities to build better lives. NAMI advo-cates for an array of issues including:

• Securing better funding for research
• Protecting people’s access to treatment and services
• Attaining mental health parity

Grassroots Advocacy

Learn how you can take action on issues regarding mental illnesses. NAMI Illinois is fighting hard to make our voices heard. The most effective way to express our ideas and vision, however, is through our members. Having a network of members willing to contact their legislators – via letter, email, phone calls or office visits regarding specific issues is essential.

Legislative Links

Illinois General Assembly
Contact Governor Bruce Rauner

How to Find Your Legislators
Illinois Legislation Supported by NAMI Illinois

HB 3549 – Managed Care Act – Step Therapy
Amends the Managed Care Reform and Patient Rights Act. Applies the medical exemptions process to all entities licensed in the State to sell a policy of group or individual accident and health insurance or health benefits plan. Provides certain exceptions upon which a step therapy override will always be provided. Sets clinical review criteria that must be used to establish step therapy protocols. Effective immediately.
HB 5038 / SB 3087 – Special appropriation for psychiatric leadership grants and other community MH services
HB 5928 / SB 3037 – Creates clinical limitations on the use of “step therapy” by health insurance companies
HB 6213 – Empowering Meaningful Patient Choice in Medicaid Managed Care Act

Click here to view NAMI Illinois’ 2017 Legislative Platform PDF