I would like to get help for a loved one who cannot afford insurance but is not eligible for aid and desperately needs help. The have alcoholism and depression.

    Alcohol is a depressant and will further exacerbate depression. It can also increase someone’s potential to act radically under the influence. Community resources are your best option. Some townships will have free services for those that live in that zip code. Others will have funding available to assist. Also, some

    How can I get potential bipolar 35-year old son to see doctor for therapy and medication? I am planning an intervention whereby he gets locked out of my house and makes the choice to A) Go to doctor of B) Become homeless. Will this approach be effective or will it cause further crisis? He is impossible to live with in my house during bipolar moods.

    Always try to invite them first. You have to know your own limits and what you can and cannot live with. Having someone non compliant and non functional in your home is highly stressful. It is often a gamble if taking such a step would assist them in “waking up”