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    Playing the Victim

    Aleene Shirley Morgenthaler


    In 2013 my life changed forever in a big way.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder. The rollercoaster ride lasted for two years with 6 hospital stays.  I have now been in recovery since 2015.


    “Playing the victim” is my first post because it is one of the first concepts I had to shed away for my recovery of Bipolar mania & depression.  When my therapist first talked to me about this, I felt insulted.  I wasn’t playing the victim – I thought.  I lost ‘everything’ because my diagnosis.  I lost my job, mentor, city-life, and best friend.  I lost all connection to them – I thought.  My therapist kept this concept into my mind to the point that I began to understand – I was playing the victim.  Here’s an article that has some examples of victim playing: https://www.lifehack.org/287448/14-signs-someone-always-playing-the-victim.  Most of my energy was feeling sorry for myself.  It wasn’t until I took my diagnosis as a challenge in life – I can overcome with the right medication and talk therapy.  All the while having an attitude: my life is beautiful with lessons I was bound to learn in order to reach a higher state of being.

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