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    Parent Voice

    Parent voice

    Aleene Shirley Morgenthaler

    Before my diagnosis with Bipolar 1 Disorder in 2013, I was impassioned with serving my communities with my skills and talents.  Now, the Mental Health Community has become my focus. My posts are concepts that helped me and continue to – as mental health is a lifelong journey. Hope you enjoy the read.

    In losing who I was from my Bipolar diagnosis, I had to relearn how to be an advocate for myself, in my thoughts.  This was a hard course.  Not only did I have to learn who I was again (a different/better version of myself), I had to learn to take ownership of the voices in my head.   My mind contains many voices.  Some I love.  Some I despise.  It was learning about these voice’s personalities that helped me advance myself mentally.  And helped me be able to choose which voice takes lead in any given situation.  My parent voice became one that strengthened me.  It comforted me in times of pain and encouraged me to grow.  Now I benefit from understanding this voice that I am so grateful of it.  This all would not have come to fruition without my therapist and our work together.

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