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    By Aleene Shirley Morgenthaler

    With ten weeks left of my college career, I experienced mania for the first time.  Two years after were marked with six hospital stays and out patient programs.  It’s been three years of recovery and I am happy to be able to share my voice through NAMI-Barrington Area’s Blog.

    I’ve always been a dreamer – it’s what made me optimistic and energetic.  I would dream about choreography, relationships, and goals.  Everyday I take time to dream.  I think for a couple years I dreamt too much…but who knows?  It’s gotten me very far.  It’s allowed me to be thankful everyday.  Because a life without dreaming is a life wasted.  We only get one chance in this life and if we don’t dream we’re missing out on a beautiful part of life.  Sure there can be disappointment but I believe it’s worth dreaming anyway.  I’ve realized that I don’t necessarily get my dreams but I get what I need in the hope to one day bask in the glory of my life. Dream for your health.

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