Coronavirus Covid-19 Resources

Managing Stress

As we continue to ‘shelter in place’ during the epidemic, it’s important to understand that you are not alone. NAMI is here to support you and to connect you with the help you may need should you feel overwhelmed.

Check out these links:
Quick Tips for Managing Stress.

Protect your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

An Easy Way to Meditate

How to Stay Safe

Here’s what the CDC says to do:

· If you feel sick, are older, have a serious health condition, or someone in your household has tested positive for the coronavirus, stay home.

· Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching surfaces outside of your home.

· Keep at least 6 feet apart from people not part of your household.

· Wear a mask or a simple cloth face covering when outside your home. (Here’s a video on making a simple face cover without a sewing machine)

Online Support

NAMI Barrington Area is offering online support groups for individuals living with a mental illness and groups for their family members. Contact us at 847-496-1415 or for information and to register for a session.

NAMI Illinois also has a great list of online support groups and communities.

General resources and Info

NAMI Resource Guide NAMI National has an outstanding guide to resources available during the coronavirus outbreak, which you can access here: NAMI Resource guide

There’s a nice video introduction by NAMI CEO Dan Gillison that you can watch here.

Government Help Wondering what help may be available from the federal government? Congress has passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES), which will give immediate help to individuals and nonprofits struggling because of this emergency. Here’s the scoop on CARES for people with mental illness from NAMI.

Keep up with the latest info

Often the news media and social media can add to our stress, especially if we keep checking on what bad things might be happening over and over throughout the day.

Social media in particular amplifies stress, using algorithms designed to keep us glued to our screens by showing us the most extreme examples of whatever we might find interesting, including news about the virus.

We suggest that we all limit our time looking at news and leaven what we see or read with a few reputable information sources. Among the best:

The Center for Disease Control

What to do instead of obsessing on the news

In our house, we’ve turned off the radio and TV for most of the day and dug out favorites from our music and movie collections.

Consider registering for Spotify, the free online music service. To get you started:
Beatles Greatest Hits
This is the Beach Boys
Stevie Wonder Collection

Rotten Tomatoes Binge Guides to TV and the streaming services

As the weather improves, consider using nature as a way to overcome isolation. Check out these great tips from a horticultural therapist.

A gratitude list and looking for little things to make you smile in your day are simple ways to practice self care and stay healthy.

Learn about the Benefits of Gratitude and different activities you can do to practice this valuable tool.

Share your stories of gratitude, hope and things that make you smile. We’d love to hear them. Email us:

Need help?

· Any emergency, call 911
· Crisis Text Line: Text “NAMI” to 741741
· Crisis team, Alexian Brothers, Hoffman Estates (24-hour): 800-432-5005
· Illinois state suicide line: 800-784-2433
· Ecker Center 24-hour emergency program (Elgin) 847-888-2211
· NAMI Illinois helpline: 1-800-346-4572
· NAMI Help Line (agency referrals): 800-950-NAMI (6264)
· The DMH Warm Line offers peer support to mental health consumers and families (MF 8-5) 866-359-7953